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EZ-Flo 128 oz. 5% Iron Additive Supplement | IRON-MAXX-1

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EZ-Flo 128 oz. 5% Iron Additive Supplement

  • Type: Supplement
  • Formula: 6% Nitrogen 5% Iron
  • Container Size: 1 Gallon/3.78 Liters

Features & Benefits

Ferti-Maxx Liquid Supplement products are designed to be used to enhance a Ferti-Maxx fertilizer product or to be applied alone to achieve specific results. The Ferti-Maxx supplements are technically a fertility product but allow the ability to address a specific need of the landscape or plant. The addition of a supplement will enhance plant health, improve roots systems, or expedite color response with minimal top growth.

  • These products are not certified for use in organic food production
  • IRON-MAXX 5% non-staining iron additive. Designed to provide dark green color without added growth. Use year round, effective in cool, warm, and hot weather.
Nitrogen Phoshorus Potassium
  • Helps with plant growth ABOVE ground
  • Promoting growth of foliage
  • Produce lush green lawns
  • Establishing growth BELOW ground
  • Root Health
  • Flower/Bloom production
  • Overall plant health
  • Winterizing
  • Helps disease resistence


This product is intended for uses as a professional plant food, only. Users must exercise all due professional judgment and caution when applying the product under their own particular growing conditions.

Limitations of warranty and liability: EZ-FLO Fertilizing Systems and any other seller, warrants only that this product conforms to the chemical description on the product label. No other warranty, express or implied, as to the merchantability, fitness for a particular use, or otherwise shall apply. Purchaser’s exclusive remedy for loss or damage related to the purchase and/or use of this product shall be limited to the refund of the purchase price, only. By using this product, you are deemed to have accepted the terms of this notice.

More Information
Brand EZ-Flo
Liquid Yes
Supplement Type Iron Supplement
Container Size (oz.) 1 Gallon/3.78 Liters
Formula 6% Nitrogen 5% Iron
Type Supplement