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Febco PVB Bonnet/Poppet Kit 1 in. - 1-1/4 in. | FE905-212

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Febco PVB Bonnet/Poppet Kit 1 in. - 1-1/4 in.

The Febco FE905-212 is the replacement bonnet and poppet kit for Febco 1 - 1-1/4 inch pressure vacuum breaker assemblies.

  • Febco Bonnet & Poppet Kit 
  • Fits a 1 inch to 1.25 inch Febco Pressure Vacuum Breaker
  • Compatible with FE765-100

Features & Benefits

FEBCO is so confident of the heavy-duty construction and "freeze plug" design of the Series 765, it is the only manufacturer to offer a lifetime warranty on the bronze valve body of the 1⁄2" through 11⁄4" models*. In most pressure vacuum breaker designs, the bronze body can split open when water inside expands in freezing temperatures. When this happens, the whole unit must be replaced which can be expensive and downright inconvenient. But should an unexpected freeze catch your irrigation system.

Series 765 Pressure Vacuum Breaker Features: Only FEBCO offers a Lifetime Warranty on the bronze body of the 1⁄2" through 11⁄4" Series 765.

The exclusive "freeze plug" design feature of the 1⁄2" through 11⁄4" models prevents freeze damage to the bronze body and limits damage to less expensive internal components. Unique check valve design reduces check valve fouling and chattering providing longer life and more reliable operation.

Vandal/tamper resistant brass canopy and test cocks mean trouble-free performance. Engineered plastic and brass internal parts resist chemical and mineral deposit build-up for more reliable performance. Heavy duty engineered plastic poppets provide reliable operation.

Product Details

Here are Two Ways to Determine the Size Kit You Need:

  1. Measure across the bottom of the Poppet (item 12 in picture above); the distance across the bottom of the Poppet will determine which size kit you need:
    • 1/2" & 3/4" Kits: Poppet measures 1- 1/8" to 1- 3/16" across the bottom (diameter).
    • 1" & 1-1/4" Kits: Poppet measures 1- 7/8" across the bottom (diameter).
    • 1-1/2" & 2" Kits: Poppet measures 3- 7/16" across the bottom (diameter).
  2. Measure across the bottom of the Bonnet Assembly; the distance across the bottom of the Bonnet Assembly (threaded part) will determine which size kit you need:
    • 1/2" & 3/4" Kits: Bonnet Assembly measures 1- 5/16" across the bottom (diameter).
    • 1" & 1-1/4" Kits: Bonnet Assembly measures 2- 3/16" across the bottom (diameter).
    • 1-1/2" & 2" Kits: Bonnet Assembly is made of brass and measures 5- 1/8" across the bottom (diameter).

90% of the Pressure Vacuum Breakers (PVB) installed for a typical residential home are 1" PVB's

How to Replace the Bonnet and Poppet (you should always change both):

  1. Turn off the water supply (Warning: Failure to Assure the Water Pressure is Relieved can cause Harm!)
  2. Close water supply side ball valve first
  3. Go to the sprinkler controller and manually start each zone or section valve by manually starting the sprinkler system. This will relieve the water pressure in the PVB. Then turn off the manual operation of the sprinkler system.
  4. Close second ball valve (on outlet side of PVB)
  5. Make sure that you have relieved water pressure by opening test cocks on side of PVB
  6. Place large O-Ring (included in kit) around Bonnet
  7. Apply lubricant (included in kit) to gasket
  8. Fit (slide it onto) Poppet on brass guide stem of Bonnet
  9. Thread Bonnet into PVB unit (hand tight only)
  10. Replace Canopy and tighten nut on top of canopy using a wrench
  11. Turn on the water supply
  12. Open water supply side ball valve first and rapidly
  13. Open second ball valve

Kit 905-211: includes the Bonnet and Poppet Assemblies for both 1/2" and 3/4" Pressure Vacuum Breakers

905-212: includes the Bonnet and Poppet Assemblies for both 1" and 1 1/4" Pressure Vacuum Breakers


*Red indicates repair parts sold at the Sprinkler Warehouse



Symptom Cause Solution
1. Check valve fails to hold 1.0 PSID minimum
A. Debris on sealing surface or guide surfaces valve surfaces Disassemble and clean check
B. Damage seat disc Disassemble and replace seal
C.Weak or broken spring Disassemble and replace spring
D. Poppet broken due to thermal expansion Replace broken poppet

Symptom Cause Solution
2. Poppet fails to open at 1.0 PSIG minimum
A. Debris restricting free operation Disassemble and clean check valve surfaces
B. Poppet seal adhering to bonnet Disassemble and clean and/or replace damaged parts
C. Weak spring load Replace bonnet assembly (1/2 - 11/4)
Replace spring (11/2 and larger)

Symptom Cause Solution
3. Minor leakage through air vent
A. Damaged poppet seal Disassemble and replace seal
B. Cracked or damaged poppet Disassemble and replace poppet seal
C. Cracked bonnet or damaged sealing edge Disassemble and replace bonnet assembly
D. Debris on sealing surface Disassemble and clean

Symptom Cause Solution
4. Significant discharge through air vent
A. Poppet not properly guided Disassemble and replace damaged parts
B. Major poppet or seal failure Disassemble and replace damaged parts
C. Low downstream pressure Check pressure at #2 testcock; should be higher than 5 PSIG if low system
D. Insufficient inlet volume to operate device Pressure needs to be increased or partially closed outlet ball valve to create higher pressure on poppet.
E. Poppet and or bonnet broken Replace broken bonnet/poppet due to thermal expansion (see freeze protection)

Symptom Cause Solution
5. Chatter during flow conditions A. Worn, damaged or defective check valve guide Disassemble and repair or replace guide

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Replacement Parts

Febco PVB Bonnet/Poppet Kit
Backflow Compatability:
Febco PVB Repair
Guide (3.04 MB)
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