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Female Slide Plug | AC-FSP-1

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Female Slide Plug


  • 18 Gauge Slide-on Connector Plug
  • Female Gilbert Plug for Christmas Lights
  • For C7 & C9 Green Cord

Features & Benefits

For a professional Christmas light set-up these female slide plugs are an integral part for connectivity. Also known as vampire-plugs, these female slip plugs make connection to an 18-gauge string light wire in order to customize size and placement. Use these along with our male slide plugs to string multiple lights together. Easy-to-connect pins in the back of the female slide plugs make connection a quick process.

4 Easy Steps to Connect Female Gilbert Slide Plugs: 

  1. Separate a small notch (¼ inch) between the neutral (ribbed) and the hot (smooth) wire of your lights.
  2.  Insert the vertical end into the gapless side of the plug. “Bottom out'' the wire to ensure that the plastic divides the neutral and hot AC wires. Also, ensure the neutral (ribbed) will be matched with the neutral connection pin (the wide plug insert) and the hot (smooth) wire matches with the narrow plug insert.
  3. Once you have ensured the polarity, bend the wire over pointed connection pins and push down so the pins pierce the insulation and connect to the wire.
  4.  Slide the cap onto the plug with the tapered end going first.

Product Details 

  • Color: Green
  • End Type: Female Slide Plug
  • Package: Sold Individually
  • Amp capacity: 8 Amps
  • Wire type: 18/2


More Information
Brand Holiday Bright Lights
Type Christmas Accessories