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Hunter NODE 4 Station Battery Operated Controller | NODE-400

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Hunter NODE-400 Four Station Battery Operated Node Controller

  • Hunter NODE Battery Operated Controller (NODE-400)
  • 4 Stations
  • Valve Mounted Controller (DC) Battery Operated

Features & Benefits

For isolated sites and power-restricted areas, the Hunter Node is the smart, reliable solution. The Node mounts to a valve solenoid quickly and easily, and without screws, drills or additional wires. The unit's solid construction and waterproof exterior ensure it can handle the harsh environment of a valve box. Once placed in a valve box, the Node is operated by one or two 9V batteries, which provide standard or extended power throughout the season. Along with exceptional reliability, the Node features an easy-to-program LCD screen, the ability to control a Master Valve, and uses standard Hunter controller programming with 3 programs and 4 start times per program. The array of programming options and rugged reliability make the Node a compact, but powerful irrigation controller with the flexibility of battery power.

  • Standard Hunter controller programming. As easy to program as any other Hunter controller. 3 programs (A, B, C) and up to 4 start times each
  • Controls up to four zones.
  • Models available in 1, 2, 4, and 6 station operation
  • Waterproof and fully submersible to 12 ft. No moisture intrusion, even in flooded valve box environments
  • Long battery life. Operates on one or two 9 volt batteries to ensure long operation
  • Rain Sensor compatible. Ensure irrigation does not occur during rain events by connecting a Rain sensor
  • Master Valve compatible. Ability to operate a master valve (only available with 2, 4, or 6 station models)
  • This node is compatible with it's own Solar Kit, sku: SPNODE. Maintenance free operation and no need to change or check battery condition
  • Seasonal Adjustment (10-150%) allows for quick changes to all run times through a percentage scale
  • Controller: 3-1/2 in. diameter, 2-1/2 in. tall

Product Details

  • Standard controller programming with 3 programs and 4 start times each
  • Max run time of 6 hours
  • Seasonal adjustment 10-150%
  • Accepts single or double 9 volt batteries for extended life
  • Battery Life Indicator
  • Master Valve Operation (available on 2, 4, 6 station models)
  • Compatilbe with Hunter Clik Sensors and other micro-switch type weather sensors (wirleess sensors not compatible)
  • Sensor Bypass Function
  • Waterproof to 12 ft.
  • Manual Cycle
  • Programmable Off
  • Easy Retrieve Memory
  • IP68 Approval
  • Compatible with Hunter Solar Panel

The Choice for New Installations or Retrofits

The Hunter Node is an easy addition to an existing system or the ideal choice for an entirely new one. For that extra zone you have that's not wired to your present controller, simply purchase a NODE-100 and attach it to the valve quickly and easily. Or, if you're installing irrigation for the first time in an area that has no direct power access, simply order the Node factory-installed on a PGV 1 in. flow control valve.

Single or Double 9V Battery Life with Constant Readout

When it comes to battery-powered controllers, there are generally two common issues that inevitably arise. The first is that one 9V battery may not last through a season. The second is that it is difficult to know how much battery life a unit has left without laborious tracking. The Node solves both of these problems with two smart innovations: The option to add a second 9V battery for extended power, and a battery life-status indicator on the LCD display. With battery life guaranteed to last through an entire season and a constant power-level readout, the need for in-season replacement becomes eliminated, and allows operators to install a new battery only when it is absolutely necessary. For maintenance-free operation year-round, the optional Solar Panel can be added to Node quickly and easily.

The NODE is fully submersible and resists all moisture intrusion in water, mud, and debris as deep as 12 ft.

Troubleshooting Guide

There is no display.

1. Display is off.
2. Battery is dead.

Press any button for 1 second.
Replace the battery.

Display indicates watering but none is occurring.

1. No water pressure.
2. Faulty solenoid.
3. Incompatible solenoid.

Turn on main system supply.
Replace solenoid.
Must use Hunter DC Latching Solenoid (P/N 458200) or other compatible DC latching solenoid.

Automatic irrigation does not start at start time.

1. Controller in System Off mode.
2. Am/Pm of time of day not set correctly.
3. AM/PM of start time not set correctly.

Verify that controller is programmed for automatic watering.
Correct AM/PM of time of day.
Correct AM/PM of start time.

Rain sensor does not suspend watering.

1. Rain sensor defective.
2. Rain sensor is miswired.

Verify proper operation of the rain sensor and wire connections (see page 10 of the Node Manual located in "Owner's Manuals" Tab)

Controller waters more than one time.

1. The program has more than 1 start time assigned to it.
2. Each program has up to 4 start times.

Eliminate program start times as needed.


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More Information
Brand Hunter
Expandability Fixed
Power Source Battery Operated
Type Battery Operated Controller
Number of Programs 3
Start Times Per Program 4
Max Station Run Time (HRS) 6
Sensor Inputs 1
Outdoor Yes
Sensor Compatible Rain, Freeze
Rain Sensor Compatible Yes
Freeze Sensor Compatible Yes
Application Residential|Light Commercial|Commercial
Warranty 2 Years
Series NODE
Zones 4
Integrated Valve No Integrated Valve
Enclosure Type Waterproof
Brochure (397.36 kB)
Manual (2.19 MB)
Cutsheet (201.63 kB)
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