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Hunter Wireless Solar Sync Sensor, Receiver, and Gutter Mount | WSSSEN

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Hunter Wireless Solar Sync Sensor, Receiver, and Gutter Mount

  •  Type: Sun Sensor
  • Sensor Connection: Wireless
  • Sensor, Receiver and Gutter Mount

Features & Benefits

Wireless Solar Sync for use with ACC, I-Core, new Pro-C 400/PCC Series, and X-Core controllers. Includes Wireless Solar Sync Sensor and a wireless receiver. Wireless full kit with Sensor and Module. The Solar Sync continually gathers on-site solar and temperature data used in the calculation of evapotranspiration (ET), then determines watering requirements.

The Module automatically calculates water requirements and makes adjustments taking into account your regional weather characteristics. Air temperature is monitored and used to calculate watering requirements. Too hot? Solar Sync knows to be efficient and waters your lawn as needed.

Freezing morning? Keep those mittens off, because below 37 degrees F, Solar Sync smartly waits for warmer temperatures. Passing showers require a sensor that can react quickly. The built-in "Quick Response" feature does just that. For soaking showers, the adjustable Rain-Clik sensor ensures your lawn isn't watered unnecessarily. Let the sunshine in. The solar sensor measures the sun's rays to keep your lawn at peak performance with optimal watering.

Solar Sync Sensor and Wireless Solar Sync Sensor are compatible with X-Core, new Pro-C 400/PCC Series, I-Core, and ACC controllers

Product Details

  • Height: 5½"
  • Width: 1½"
  • Depth: 1½

Choosing the Sensor Location
Using the screws provided, mount the Solar Sync sensor on any surface where it will be exposed to unobstructed sun and rainfall, but not in the path of sprinkler spray. The sensor gutter mount can also be used as an optional mounting method. The gutter mount allows the sensor to be mounted directly to the edge of a gutter.

Note: Place Solar Sync sensor where it can receive full sun.

More Information
Brand Hunter
Solar Yes
Sensor Connection Wireless
Type Sun Sensor
Warranty 5 Years
Brochure (173.41 kB)
Guide (369.51 kB)
Manual (6.34 MB)
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