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EZ-Flo 2.5 Gal Critter Repellent | CRITTER-MAXX-25

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EZ-Flo 2.5 Gal Critter Repellent 

  • Type: Critter Repellent
  • Formula: 10% Castor Oil
  • Primary Use: Moles, Vole, Gophers and other critters

Features & Benefits

CRITTER-MAXX pest repellent helps to repel those pesky critters that destroy or damage our landscape plantings. CRITTER-MAXX is not a poison that will kill animals; it simply makes the environment unpleasant in which to feed. CRITTER-MAXX gives you the power to repel and limit critters that you believe are harmful to your property and your wallet.

This organic formula is an effective way to drive away gophers, moles, and voles as well as other landscape pests. Apply CRITTER-MAXX directly onto your landscape plantings or soil. This product can be applied directly by spraying it onto the leaves of the plant, through a drip irrigation systems, or with any spray irrigation system equipped with an EZ-FLO dispenser. This product can be combined with fertilizers or applied by itself. The initial barrier application should should be applied full strength to provide a strong scent at 1 gallon per 10,000 square feet. The suggested maintenance coverage rate is 1 pint per 10,000 sq. feet per month applied with an EZ-FLO dispenser.

EZ Critter repel is not systemic so it must be applied directly to the problem area. For moles, vole, and gophers you would apply to the soil with topical spray or drip irrigation.

These products are not certified for use in organic food production.

Product Details

  • CRITTER-MAXX Critter Repel - 2-1/2 gallon jug
  • 100% Organic repellent for moles, voles, and gophers
  • 1 gallon per 10,000 sq. ft. initial, 1 pint per 10,000 sq. ft. maintenance
  • Apply year round
  • Case quantity: 2
  • Case weight lbs: 52


CRITTER-MAXX repellent helps to repel those pesky moles, voles, and gophers that destroy or damage landscapes and planting beds. It is not a poison that will harm or kill animals; it simply makes the environment unpleasant. 

CRITTER-MAXX may be used safely on all plant material, turf, shrubs, trees, flowers, and crops when used at the recommended rates. CRITTER-MAXX may be applied in residential, commercial, or agricultural applications pre or post planting.

*This product has not been registered by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. EZ-FLO represents that this product qualifies for exemption from registration under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act.

More Information
Brand EZ-Flo
Liquid Yes
Primary Use Moles, Vole, Gophers and other critters
Container Size (oz.) 2.5 Gallons
Formula 10% Castor Oil
Type Critter Repellent
Specifications (76.89 kB)
Label (400.33 kB)
Brochure (103.11 kB)