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EZ-Flo Heavy Duty High Capacity Funnel | EZ-FNLHC

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EZ-Flo Heavy Duty High Capacity Funnel

  • Compatible with: Z010-HC, EZ017-HC, EZ025-HC, HF-045, & HF-086 

Features & Benefits

The EZ-FNLHC provides a faster filling option for our larger capacity injection systems saving time and minimizing product waste. With this funnel, you can freely pour a 25 lb bag in the hopper at a time or just dump a jug of liquid without fearof splashing.

Filling your EZ-FLO System is very easy and takes only a minute or two. We recommend using a heavy duty funnel (Part# EZ-FNLSC) that is stable when placed into the fill throat of the unit. This allows you to pour the water soluble fertilizer directly into the tank and then dissolve it with water. No pre-mixing is required since the units are designed with an agitation fitting to keep the solution in suspension once the unit has been filled and topped off.

With the High Capacity Funnel Fill option it takes only minutes to refill a tank with hundreds of pounds of fully concentrated water soluble or liquid products. This means a 20 acre landscape can be serviced in as little as 10 to 15 minutes. The system can service larger landscapes and applications when filled more frequently. These systems fit in large, commercial valve boxes or can be direct buried under the proper circumstances.

Product Details

System Installation: Initial Fill

The EZ-FLO system can be filled with any liquid or water soluble product. EZ-FLO MAXXPRODUCTS are specifically designed for use with all fertigation and irrigation systems.

Fill the tank based on the product’s coverage recommendations.


Model Tank Size Maximum Capacity
EZ010-HC 10.0 Gallon 75 lbs dry or 10.0 gal liquid
EZ017-HC 17.5 Gallon 150 lbs dry or 17.5 gal liquid
EZ025-HC 25.0 Gallon 225 lbs dry or 25.0 gal liquid


Typical Fertilizer Coverage Rates:

Liquid 1 Gallon per 10,000 sqft every 4 to 6 weeks
Powder 1 Pound per 1,000 sqft every 4 to 6 weeks


Prepare the system for filling with Maxx Products or alternate fertilizer.

Remove the fill cap from the tank (older versions will have a ball valve) by simply using hand pressure and turning to the left.

Retain the cap and o-ring near the tank in a clean space

Confirm the drain valve is in the closed position

Insert the EZ-FLO High Capacity funnel into the fill port on the tank (optional).

Pour in the desired product or combination of products.

The system may be filled to 100% of capacity with liquid and/or water soluble products.

If the product is not colored, add dye, blue or green are generally the most visible.

More Information
Brand EZ-Flo
Warranty 5 Years