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Rain Bird 5 GPH Pressure Compensating Emitter 10/32 | PC-05-1032

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Rain Bird 5 GPH Pressure Compensating Emitter 10/32

  • Size: 10/32
  • Flow Rate: 5 GPH
  • Type: Pressure Compensating Emitter

Note: Use a PC Diffuser Cap to eliminate squirting water when using a PC Module staked at the end of 1/4" Distribution Tubing (XQ) or on a PolyFlex Riser (PFR/FRA).

Features & Benefits

Point-Source Medium-Flow Emitters for Watering Larger Shrubs and Trees.

This emitter features 10-32 threads, making them easy to thread into a PolyFlex Riser, 10-32 Thread adapter, or 1800 Xeri-Bubbler Adapter. (PC-05, PC-07, PC-10, PC-12, PC-18, PC-24)

Widest selection of pressure-compensating emitters, with 6 flow rates and 2 inlet options.

  • Flow: 5 to 24 gph (18.93 to 90.84 l/h)
  • Pressure: 10 to 50 psi (0.7 to 3.5 bar)
  • Required filtration: 100-mesh (150-micron)
More Information
Brand Rain Bird
Warranty 3 Years
Size 10/32
Flow Rate 5 GPH
Type Pressure Compensating Emitters
Guide (2.41 MB)