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Irritrol RAIN DIAL 6 Station Indoor/Outdoor Controller | RD600-EXT-R

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Irritrol RD600-EXT-R Rain Dial 6 Station Outdoor Remote-Ready Timer

  • Irritrol RAIN DIAL Indoor/Outdoor Controller 
  • 6 Station (Fixed)
  • Standard Controller
  • Pigtail Not Included

Features & Benefits

In addition to the numerous upgrades built into this popular, long-standing controller, the optional CLIMATE LOGIC Wireless Weather Sensing System makes the Rain Dial-R a "smart" controller on the cutting edge of water management. When governed by Climate Logic, the Rain Dial-R will automatically water more on warm or hot days and less on cooler days. Applying the right amount of water to maintain a healthy landscape, the Rain Dial-R and weather-based Climate Logic Weather System seriously reduce overwatering and its expense.

  • Climate Logic ready. Automatically reschedules Rain Dial-R watering based on the weather
  • Remote CONTROL ready. Compatible with CRR (Contractor Residential Remote) remote series
  • Rain sensor ready. Sensor bypass switch and terminal for sensor hookup
  • Three independent programs. Programming flexibility to meet the needs of a wide variety of plant material on the landscape site
  • Three water day choices- Any day of the week, skip days or odd/even dates - Skip days and odd/even dates have day exclusion option
  • Water Budgeting. For quick changes to the watering duration of all stations on a program at one time or pre-set a change in water budget for each month.
  • 365-day calendar for Odd/Even date watering. Meets the odd/even date watering mandates often used for landscape water reductions
  • Water well recovery (delay between stations). Option of pump circuit ON or OFF during
  • Master Valve/Pump Start circuit Assignable per station. Stations requiring a booster pump can be supplied while other stations can run on street water pressure
  • Test All Stations program. Allows a quick test of all stations from lowest to highest number
  • Clear/erase memory by program. Saves time by quickly erasing only the program desired
  • Program stack or overlap option. Allows three programs/stations on at once or restricts operations to no overlapping station runs

Product Details

  • Station run times: 1-59 minutes in 1-minute increments or 1-5.9 hours in 1-hour (6 minute) increments
  • Start times: 3 per program per day for 9 starts total
  • Watering schedules per program - Any day of the week - Skip days from 1 to 31 days between irrigation days - Odd or even date watering

Control Your Sprinklers with SMRT LOGIC!*

*NOTE: These WiFi connectivity features REQUIRE the use of the SMRT Logic Gateway device & Climate Logic Wireless Weather Sensor System (Both Sold Separately)

SMRT LOGIC is a cloud based hub for landscapes. SMRT Logic® is the connected solution for your outdoor space. When used in conjunction with a Climate Logic® Wireless Weather Sensing System (CL-100-WIRELESS) or CRR Series Mini Remote Receiver, it provides app-based control to the industry-leading lineup of controllers from Irritrol®. Simply plug the SMRT Logic into an available router port for network access and pair devices on the SMRTscape website. Experience up to 3 times the range of traditional Wi-Fi controllers along with added security and convenience features. Access irrigation, lighting, water features and pumps from a single interface through the same controller you have owned for years. All this and an industry-leading 5-year warranty make SMRT Logic the All-Pro solution for everyone.

Shop Rain Dial Controllers At Sprinkler Warehouse And Keep Your Lawn Looking Great Year-Round

Features Of The Irritrol RD600-EXT-R Rain Dial Controller

The Rain Dial series is equipped with several key features including three independent programs, water well recovery, three water day choices, a program stack option, and many more. The independent programs allow for different watering days, start times, station run times, and starting assignments. The water well recovery options allow for the user to turn the pump on or off as desired. Each of these features is designed to make sprinkler irrigation more efficient than ever.

5 Quick Specs For The Rain Dial Controller:

  1. Expandability: Fixed
  2. Start Times Per Program: 9
  3. Application: Residential
  4. Zones: 6
  5. Power Source: AC Powered

Check Out These Optional Accessories For The Irritrol Rain Dial Controller

The optional accessories that are compatible with the Rain Dial series controllers are the CRR remote series, the RFS1000 wireless rain/freeze sensor, the SMRT logic wireless gateway, the SR-1 pump start relay, and more. To learn more about these accessories and how to install them for your irrigation controller, see the RD600-EXT-R product page. Each of these products can be purchased at Sprinkler Warehouse.

Learn More About Iritrol's SMRT Logic Software Technologies

The SMRT Logic technology is optional software for landscapes. The SMRT Logic works best when used in addition to the Climate Logic wireless weather sensing system or the CRR series mini remote receiver. To use this software simply purchase the SMRT Logic device and plug it into an available router port for network access, then pair the devices on the SMRTscape website.

Learn How To Connect A Remote Control Unit To The Rain Dial Controller

The Irritrol Rain Dial-R series controller is a remote-ready system that is compatible with the Irritrol handheld remote control R-100-KIT. This device can be installed by connecting the handheld remote wire into the port located inside the Rain Dial-R faceplate. Note that the Irritrol's Climate Logic weather sensing system's receiver module can be installed in a similar manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are K-Rain sprinklers good?

Yes! The K-Rain company has always been an “engineering first” environment that continually seeks to pair ease-of-use with industry-leading technology. K-Rain persists in leading the industry globally with new developments in rotor and nozzle engineering.

What is a K-Rain sprinkler?

K-Rain rotors are recognized worldwide for their reliability, ease of use and superior uniformity in coverage. K-Rain sprinkler heads provide an efficient stream of water and have adjustable nozzles that rotate from side-to-side or, depending on the model, a continuous 360 degrees.

How do you adjust a K-Rain rotor?

K-Rain rotor adjustment differs slightly depending on the model you have pruchased. Sprinkler Warehouse offers several tutorial videos to demonstrate how to adjust the RPS-Select rotor, RPS-75 rotor, RPS-75i, the 11003 Pro-Plus-RCW rotor, the SuperPro Plus and more!

More Information
Brand Irritrol
Expandability Fixed
Power Source AC Powered (Pigtail Not Included)
Type Fixed Controller
Number of Programs 3
Start Times Per Program 9
Max Station Run Time (HRS) 6
Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Sensor Compatible Rain
Rain Sensor Compatible Yes
Application Residential
Warranty 5 Years
Series RainDial
Zones 6
Enclosure Type Indoor/Outdoor
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